Random Heroes 3 v1.33 Hileli APK Yeni Versiyon indir

Random Heroes 3 v1.33 Hileli APK Yeni Versiyon indir

Random Heroes 3 v1.32 Hileli APK Yeni Versiyon indir

Alien scum are invading earth one last time! A group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world once and for all! From the creators of League of Evil and Devious Dungeon comes Ravenous Games’ newest title: Random Heroes 3 Random Heroes 3 v1.33 APK Mod Android Download!

– Refined gameplay
– Over 75 levels
– Over 25 weapons and 25 characters
– Unique abilities
– Upgrade system
– Collectable stars and crystal skulls
– Large maps with hidden areas
– Play Games Achievements
– Widescreen support

Random Heroes 3 v1.32 APK Mod Android Download


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